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Meet Our Editors

Our small team of editors reads every book and reviews every product featured in the Bas Bleu catalog (with the exception of Reader Reviews). Our editorial team has a combined fifty years experience writing for Bas Bleu...and the company is only twenty-five years old! In fact, our brand manager is Bas Bleu's longest standing employee.: She started out in 1995 taking customer calls and writing catalog copy, and grew along with the company. Notice the initials in parentheses at the end of every book review? That identifies its writer, a reminder that the folks in our editorial office are real, avid readers...just like you! In honor of Bas Bleu's 25th anniversary, we thought you might like to learn a little bit about the women behind the books and see a few of their top picks from our new catalog.

Christie Hall (CH): Brand Manager

Ideal Genre: science for poets; and memoirs that bestow hope, wisdom, and/or a good laugh

Hobbies (besides reading): working crosswords, building towers with my two-year-old, rolling with the Bowl Weevils on casual league night, floating (lake or ocean)

Other Jobs I've Had: ice cream scooper, ballroom dance instructor

Secret Talent: nimbly catching things I clumsily knock over

Favorite Indulgence: another dozen East Coast oysters

Backup Career: air hockey hustler/sommelier

Ann Gregory (AG): Merchandising Manager

Ideal genre: literary true crime

Hobbies (besides reading): jogging (both for exercise and after my kids), traveling, crossword puzzling, listening to podcasts, falling asleep during movies

Other Jobs I've Had: fast-food drive-through worker, video store clerk, magazine intern, production editor at publishing house

Secret Talent: matchmaking

Favorite Indulgence: warm chocolate croissant and a latte

Backup Career: rescue dachshund farm owner

Katherine Giles (KG): Merchandising Supervisor & Online Marketing Manager

Ideal Genre: literary historical fiction that explores the depths of the human soul while also solving a crime, celebrating non-toxic female friendships, and sparing me the nonsense of a love triangle

Hobbies (besides reading): giving my opinion, yard work (really!), baking, and SEC football

Other Jobs I've Had: bookstore clerk, corporate communications intern, publications editor for a non-profit organization, hustlin' freelance writer

Secret Talent: finding adorable Twitter feeds devoted to cats

Favorite Indulgence: a long weekend with no to-do list

Backup Career: potato-chip taste tester

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