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The Senior Moments Activity Book

Geoff Tibballs
# UQ6322 Paperback, 222 pages; 2017
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Some say our memory weakens as we get older. We say hogwash…but maybe a little extra effort couldn't hurt? This lighthearted collection of multiple-choice questions—covering such topics as science and nature, food and drink, geography, the arts, and more—was formulated by experts to help "restore your brain to its tack-like sharpness." And with its combination of schoolroom info ("Who was the second president of the United States?") and pop-culture trivia ("Who starred opposite Ryan O'Neal in Love Story?"), it just might teach you a thing or two in the process! Designed for seniors but fun for all ages, The Senior Moments Activity Book will whip your "little gray cells" into shape! (KG)
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