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How to Be a Moonflower

by Katie Daisy
# UV3422 Hardcover, 207 pages; 2021
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These enchanting field guides are filled with elaborate, graceful paintings, quotes about wildlife from well-loved authors, adventuring to-do lists, plant and animal guides, and so much more. How to Be a Wildflower is divided into four main sections: Wander, Gather, Savor, and Ponder. It includes National Forest recommendations, wildflower identifications, edible plant guides, foraging recipes, weather folklore, and more outdoorsy wisdom. How to Be a Moonflower is divided into Dusk, Midnight, Dreamland, and Dawn, including campfire instructions, crepuscular animal identifications, notable meteor showers, illustrations of the galaxies, nebulas, and Jupiter's moons, and more nighttime magic. With wondrous illustrations on every page, these books are brimming with the magic of nature. (RR)
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