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London's Number One Dog-Walking Agency

by Kate MacDougall
# UV2502 Hardcover, 368 pages; 2021
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Dogs show you fresh air, exercise, and open spaces but also bring the sense that there is someone other than yourself to think about.

Leaving her office job at Sotheby's, Kate MacDougall started a dog-walking business in 2006, shocking colleagues and contradicting her mother's expectations. In this heartfelt memoir, she details the life of Stanley, a stubborn mutt who refused to walk past the front yard; Winston, a lab with a compulsively clean owner; Dolly, a silky terrier owned by a withdrawn celebrity; and many other unique canines. Charming accounts of her own life— and her own woefully overweight dog—are delightfully woven in as well. This is a witty, intimate book that will make you laugh and cry in equal amounts, and fill you with love for dogs you've never met. (RR)
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