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On the Farm

by Aliza Eliazarov
# UV0762 Hardcover, 255 pages; 2020
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If the sight of the knobby-kneed lamb on the cover of On the Farm doesn't melt your heart, you're made of stronger stuff than I! Animal photographer Aliza Eliazarov embarked upon "a muddy and joyous journey" to chronicle some of the heritage breeds driven to the brink of extinction by factory farming, breeds that small farmers are now endeavoring to protect and restore. Soulful portraits paired with informative captions and charming anecdotes beautifully capture the spirit of goats ("the life of the farm party"), cows ("the overly dramatic grandmas"), horses ("the aristocrats"), donkeys ("the calming old souls"), pigs ("the original zero-waste, sustainable-living gurus"), llamas and alpacas ("the fierce queens" and "shy introverts"), chickens ("gossipy helicopter moms"), turkeys ("the hometown heroes"), and ducks and geese ("the chatty tour group"). Whether you're devoted to rural life yourself or are an animal-loving city slicker, On the Farm will charm you. (KG)
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