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Campfire Stories Deck

edited by Dave Kyu and Ilyssa Kyu
# UV0212 Hardcover, 249 pages; 2018
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This beautifully produced, thoughtfully curated collection presents short prose and poetry about the magic, splendor, and history of six of our nation's most beloved national parks: Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountain, Zion, Yosemite, and Yellowstone. You'll find contemporary musings on natural beauty, adventure tales of high-risk exploration, excerpts from pioneer diaries, Native American legends and myths, and more—each tale no more than a few pages long, perfect for reading aloud in the great outdoors (or embarking on an armchair expedition across the country!). The accompanying Campfire Stories Deck offers storytelling tips and fifty prompts—"Tell a story about an unexpected animal encounter…a time you got caught in a storm… your first camping trip…a place you never wanted to leave"—to enrich your fireside experience, whether around your living room fireplace, in the backyard, or at the campsite. Sold separately. (AG)
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