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Cloud Spotter: 30 Cards to Keep You Looking Up

by Gavin Pretor-Pinney and illustrated by Marcel George
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Walking around with your head in the clouds? Great idea! Add a little meteorological know-how while you're at it with our Cloud Spotter deck. Each of the thirty 3½"x4½" cards pictures a watercolor illustration of a sky; on the reverse, the featured cloud type is identified and described alongside characteristics of altitude, precipitation, rarity rating, even mood. Stratus and Altostratus clouds are gray and flat; their mood "dull and uncertain"…and yet "all that changes when they are lit by a low sun." "Frantic and volatile" Tuba clouds can develop into a waterspout or tornado. Altocumulus clouds resemble "a batch of celestial meringues." An enchanting blend of science and artistry, these informative cards come with a foldable 9½"x11¼" altitude map, sized just right to tuck in your purse or glove compartment as a quick reference.
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