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50 Things to Do at the Beach

by Easkey Britton and illustrated by Maria Nilsson
# UT8712 Hardcover, 144 pages; 2021
No Longer Available
Yes, that sandy stretch where the land meets the sea is a terrific spot to catch a few rays and delve into a good book. But there's so much more to see and do—and learn!—during a day at the beach. With this wonderful little book you can learn how to…build a sand boat, identify different types of waves, forage for edible seaweed, understand rip currents, embark upon a seaside scavenger hunt, look for bioluminescence, create sand art, and more! Sprinkled with informative facts about our oceans and coasts, 50 Things to Do at the Beach encourages beachcombers of all ages to reconnect with nature and seek out the wonders of marine life. Tuck this little activity book into your beach bag or shorts pocket on your next visit to the shore, to help you and yours explore and enjoy the beach in new ways. (KG)
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