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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements

by Lisa Congdon
# UT8612 Hardcover, 147 pages; 2021
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Which element is the product of a supernova? Which is used to protect airplanes from lightning strikes? Which was discovered by boiling urine? Which elements smell terrible, which are essential to human life, and which are endangered? The answers to all of these questions and so many more are found in this visually arresting and info-packed tour of the periodic table! With colorful illustrations and helpful infographics by artist/science enthusiast Lisa Congdon, this comprehensive and compelling resource offers a history of the periodic table, bios of relevant scientists, and an engaging profile of each element, including its discovery story, properties, and uses. It's an accessible introduction for budding chemists ages 12 and up, and a fascinating browse for armchair scientists of all ages! (AG)
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