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100 Miles of Baseball: Fifty Games, One Summer

by Dale Jacobs and Heidi L. M. Jacobs
# UT8542 Paperback, 356 pages; 2021
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When Dale and Heidi Jacobs set off on a mission—attend fifty baseball games within one hundred miles of their home in Windsor, Ontario, over the course of five months—they hadn't been to a major-league baseball game in nearly two years. Once Detroit Tigers season ticket holders, they found that games had become more obligation than fun, though the Jacobses still adored the sport. As the two began their odyssey, taking in nearby high school and collegiate games, they began to notice details they'd taken for granted when watching major-league pros: the way a high school coach encourages his team, the small dramas unfolding in the stands, and more. In alternating chapters, Dale and Heidi wax poetic about the insights, joys, pains, and observations that can only come from a true love of the game. (SM)
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