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Who Is Maud Dixon?

by Alexandra Andrews
# UT7892 Hardcover, 324 pages; 2021
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Florence Darrow's life is not going as planned: She feels out of her depth with her sophisticated colleagues at her publishing job, and she's been unable to begin the great novel she knows is her destiny. But things start to look up when she stumbles into a position as assistant to Maud Dixon, aka Helen Wilcox, the pseudonymous author of the current runaway bestselling "it" novel. And when, a few weeks later, Florence wakes up in a Moroccan hospital with everyone calling her Helen Wilcox—and no memory of the night before—she begins to think fate has just handed her the opportunity of a lifetime.… A wickedly funny and compulsively page-turning mystery full of unexpected twists and turns, Who Is Maud Dixon? is enormously entertaining! (CH)
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