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Turn This Book into a Beehive!

by Lynn Brunelle and illustrated by Anna-Maria Jung
# UT7782 Paperback, 92 pages; 2018
No Longer Available
"Help the bees help the world." They may be tiny, but bees have an enormous impact on the world around us…and kids can do their part to protect them! This buzzy nature guide outlines twenty "experiments and activities that explore the amazing world of bees," hands-on activities designed to help youngsters learn more about why bees are so important to humans, how they communicate with one another, how they gather pollen, the healing powers of honey, and more. Kids can also use common household materials to build a bee bath, dissect a flower, and make their own bee buzzer. Best of all? The book really does turn into a beehive! A little paper folding, patience, and duct tape transform the book jacket into an 8"-tall hive for mason bees. Now that's something to buzz about! For ages 8 to 12. (KG)
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