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Plunder: A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure

by Menachem Kaiser
# UT7462 Hardcover, 277 pages; 2021
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In Poland for business, author Menachem Kaiser decided to visit his grandfather's birthplace—an apartment building in Sosnowiec, once owned by his family but lost when his relatives fled or were imprisoned in concentration camps. Spurred by a desire to connect with a past he didn't know, Kaiser set out to reclaim the property. As he dug for information, he met a band of "treasure hunters" searching for gold and artifacts in the massive tunnel complexes the Nazis built beneath the Polish countryside. When Kaiser discovered his grandfather's cousin had been a slave laborer in those very tunnels, and survived to write his account of the experience—an account the treasure hunters view as the definitive handbook on the tunnels, a subject with nearly no historical record—Kaiser found himself part of a bizarre and fascinating world. Plunder is a rich memoir, thick with questions of inheritance, legacy, and memory. (SM)
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