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Death at High Tide

by Hannah Dennison
# UT6732 Hardcover, 296 pages; 2020
Currently Unavailable
Evie's older husband, Robert, dies of a sudden heart attack, leaving her with nothing but grief and debts from Robert's poor investment choices. When a note is found in Robert's documents claiming Evie may be the inheritor of an old hotel on the remote island of Tregarrick Rock, Evie wants nothing to do with it. But her sister Margot, in from Los Angeles to comfort her, is convinced that a weekend away at the hotel will be just the thing Evie needs to recover from the shock. Their welcome on Tregarrick is less than cordial, and Evie soon finds herself at the center of a web of secrets and lies. After someone is murdered, the events at the island go from unpleasant to deadly serious. Death at High Tide is a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the end! (SM)
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