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Arlo, The Lion Who Couldn't Sleep

by Catherine Rayner
# UT6382 Hardcover, 32 pages; 2020
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As you fall into calmness, so comfortable and deep, your mind will rest and you'll drift off to sleep.

Poor Arlo: He's so tired…but he can't sleep! While the rest of his pride snoozes away, Arlo tosses and turns. Then one night, an unexpected friend swoops in to help. Owl is used to sleeping all day, and knows just the trick for tuning out distractions and drifting off into dreamland: a very special song that's sure to soothe even your restless little cub to sleep. This sweet bedtime story is most effective when paired with our 9" Lion Plush, a soft cuddle buddy who doubles as a wonderful audience for youngsters learning Owl's special song. For ages 3 and up. Sold separately. (KG)
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