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White Truffles in Winter

by N. M. Kelby
# UT5352 Paperback, 334 pages; 2012
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One of the world's most renowned chefs, Auguste Escoffier created culinary masterpieces immortalizing cultural icons, European royalty, and even his longtime mistress, actress Sarah Bernhardt. But by 1935, 88-year-old Escoffier is living out the end of his life with his wife, Delphine, in their villa in Monte Carlo, as he works on his memoirs. Delphine has only one wish—for her husband to create a dish in her name, the way he has with countless others, to prove to the world that he loved her despite their tumultuous marriage. But Escoffier is stubborn and repeatedly refuses, insisting that to do so would be to minimize everything she is to him. Hurt but determined, Delphine hires a young woman from the village to help in the kitchen—a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Bernhardt—and enlists her aid in convincing Escoffier. Quiet yet enthralling, this historical fiction cooks up an evocative tale of food, legacy, and the complexities of the human heart. (SM)
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