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The Midnight Bargain

by C. L. Polk
# UT4562 Hardcover, 375 pages; 2020
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Though "feminist Regency-style romance with magic" might sound a bit out of the ordinary for Bas Bleu, trust me when I say this book left me absolutely smitten! Unlike the other young ingenues on display in the gallery, Beatrice Clayborn intends to make it through this year's Bargaining Season unmatched and unmarried. Marriage has its benefits, yes, but it also comes with the marriage collar—a device that will lock Beatrice's magic away from her for the rest of her life in order to protect her unborn children. As a sorceress of some power, Beatrice is determined to find a spell that will allow her to unlock her potential as a Magus—a title restricted to men—and that means refusing the hand of every suitor who comes to call. But her focus is disrupted when she meets the handsome, charming, and intelligent Ianthe Lavan, the season's most eligible bachelor—and a Magus in his own right. Now Beatrice must choose between losing her power, or losing the man she loves. (SM)
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