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The Cat Who Went to Paris

by Peter Gethers
# UT3662 Paperback, 194 pages; 1992
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Writer Peter Gethers knew: If he ever brought home a pet, it would be a dog, not a cat. In fact, "I hate cats" was #10 on his list of "things I believed were true about myself." So no one was more surprised than he when his girlfriend showed up at his door with a six-week-old Scottish Fold kitten and Gethers fell in love at first sight. Overnight, he became an obsessively devoted cat dad to little Norton, who rode in Gethers's pocket while he ran errands and lured him home early from social outings. When Gethers's busy work schedule called him away from Manhattan, Norton came along, spending summers on Fire Island, flying to California for a writers' conference, heading south to spring training in Florida, and, yes, jetting off to Paris. Norton collected fans wherever he went, charming flight attendants, hotel staff—even a traffic cop!—but reserved his deepest fealty for his human "dad." Funny, charming, and tender, this human-feline love story will warm the heart of any cat fancier…and maybe prompt a change of heart in the "never cats!" person you know. (KG)
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