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The Rise of Wolf 8

by Rick McIntyre
# UT3152 Paperback, 289 pages; 2020 (2019)
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In 1926, the last wolf was killed in Yellowstone National Park. Nearly seventy years later, the animals were reintroduced to the park to restabilize its delicate ecosystem, which had been devastated by the booming and unchecked elk population. Naturalist Rick McIntyre was on hand as the park's "wolf interpreter" when several packs of grey wolves were resettled in the park. One wolf in particular, designated as Wolf 8, had started life as a runty pup, almost passed over and left behind in his den in Canada when his family was captured for relocation. During McIntyre's time observing the packs, he watched this small grey wolf pup grow, learn, and eventually claim the alpha position in a pack of his own. With masterful storytelling and plenty of heart, The Rise of Wolf 8 unflinchingly recounts the struggles, failures, and victories of the wolves of Yellowstone, and one lovable underdog. And in The Reign of Wolf 21, McIntyre again returns to the wolves of Yellowstone, following the park's Druid Pack and their alpha, Wolf 21, and charting the wolves' rise to domination. (SM)
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