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Leave the World Behind

by Rumaan Alam
# UT1902 Hardcover, 241 pages; 2020
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For a break from their busy New York City lives, Amanda and Clay take their two teenage kids to a beautiful, remote rental house on Long Island. But they've barely begun to enjoy their luxurious vacation when it's interrupted by a late-night knock on the door. Ruth and G.H., an older couple who claim to be the owners of the home, explain that they are fleeing New York after a sudden blackout plunged the city into chaos. With the TV and internet down, and no cell service, there's no way to verify the story, but Amanda and Clay invite the couple in. Together the families attempt to figure out what exactly is happening— and whom to trust—as an unspecified disaster looms. This disquieting novel is a timely and hypnotizing read. (AG)
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