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Feathered and Fabulous: Wit and Wisdom from Glamorous Birds

by Alison Throckmorton
# UT1482 Hardcover, 64 pages; 2021
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The fiercely feminine sass filling the pages of this unique gift book is extra hilarious, coming as it does from dazzling birds with cool crests, weird wattles, and spectacular plumage! The caption, "Joanna listened with growing exasperation as Frederick explained exactly how she should feel" accompanies a beautiful blue bare-faced currasow. "Parenting routinely pushed the limits of Helen's medication" refers to a rather fed-up looking ostrich. "My favorite meal is vodka," states a gloriously grumpy-looking secretary bird. Feathered and Fabulous is sure to elicit squawks of laughter from all your most marvelously charismatic friends! (CH)
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