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The Invited

by Jennifer McMahon
# UR4562 Hardcover, 353 pages; 2019
No Longer Available
After inheriting a windfall, Helen and her husband, Nate, trade urban Connecticut for a rural corner of Vermont, dreaming of a simpler life in a house built by their own hands. Rumor has it a ghost haunts the nearby bog—a previous owner of their land, Hattie Breckenridge, was hanged for witchcraft in 1924—but Helen and Nate chalk the stories up to local superstition. Then a bizarre gift is left on their doorstep, objects begin to disappear, and they hear strange sounds in the night. And while searching for salvaged materials for their new home, Helen finds herself drawn to items linked to Hattie and her descendants…items that may now be attracting the souls of the dead. Helen and Nate didn't move into a haunted house—but are they building one? I raced through this novel in a single weekend, relishing its canny blend of supernatural chills and all-too-human family drama.

This book is part of our Bas Bleu Book a Month 2020 package.

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