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Lefty Crosswords

by Mark "Lefty" Diehl
# UR1152 Spiralbound paperback, 95 pages; 2019
No Longer Available
Encompassing roughly ten percent of the population, lefties get left out more often than not: Notebooks and binders are bound on the wrong side, scissors don't cut properly…and don't even get us started on those old-fashioned school desk/chairs combos. Lucky for you, fellow lefty Mark Diehl has created the Lefty Crosswords book. Featuring a right-sided spiral binding, this clever book contains "75 puzzles about southpaws"—and every other page is inverted, so you never have to lean your hand on the binding. For you righties out there—well, the puzzles will be just as fun, and you'll get to temporarily experience life in a left-handed world!
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