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Radiant: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal

Traer Scott
# UQ6262 Hardcover, 127 pages; 2018
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Wallace, the miniature Highland cow with twisty horns and shaggy hair hanging over his eyes, is scruffily beguiling. Amelia, the American Yorkshire pig—who, I'd swear, is smiling in her portrait—is eminently huggable. Peng, the Chinese goose, is a graceful (if knobby-headed) beauty. All the farm animals captured here in big, gorgeous full-color photographs by Traer Scott are truly Radiant. And, though all of them live in animal sanctuaries, on hobby farms, or as companion animals, their sweet, personality-filled faces (and the heartwarming stories about them) remind us to be thoughtful about our relationships with all animals. (CH)
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