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The Literary Book of Answers

Carol Bolt
# UQ6032 Hardcover, 704 pages; 2018 (2000)
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No need to dig your old Magic 8 Ball out of storage. For solutions to life's thorniest questions—or just to get a laugh from your friends during your next catch-up session—turn to The Literary Book of Answers! The premise is simple: Ask a question out loud, then open the book to a random page. The answer to your inquiry will be revealed…in the form of a quotation from classic or contemporary literature! Should you splurge on your dream vacation? "That would be grand, certainly" (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland). Should you pick a fight with your neighbor over your property line? "Consider things from [another's] point of view" (To Kill a Mockingbird). Does recycling really matter? "Do your duty and leave the outcome to the gods" (Horace). We can't vouch for its accuracy as a fortune-teller…but it's definitely fun! (KG)
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