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Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

Benjamin Dreyer
# UQ5762 Hardcover, 279 pages; 2019
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It's my chance to share with you, for your own use, some of what I do, from the nuts-and-bolts stuff that even skilled writers stumble over to some of the fancy little tricks I've come across or devised that can make even skilled writing better. Or perhaps you're simply interested in what one more person has to say about the series comma.

For the record, Benjamin Dreyer thinks "only godless savages eschew the series comma." The copy chief at Random House, Dreyer has spent decades clarifying and polishing the prose of all sorts of authors. In this erudite, illuminating, and endlessly amusing guide, he offers "selective and idiosyncratic and, I hope, useful advice" to all writers, whether of emails, memos, letters, or books. From long-standing grammar rules it's okay to disregard to the definitive guide to hyphen use to oft-confused/misused words, Dreyer's English is as enlightening as it is fun to read, sure to delight grammarians, word lovers, and anyone desiring to sharpen their writing skills. (AG)
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