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Sleepy Princess Pile Up

# UQ5132
No Longer Available
Princess Penny is sleepy and wants to go to bed—but first she needs to stack as many mattresses, pillows, and cozy comforters as she can, or that pesky pea will keep her awake. Can you stack all the bedding so Penny can get her rest—or will it all come tumbling down? This charming game has two game modes—cooperative (for beginners) and competitive (for more experienced pillow pilers). In both, the players take turns rolling the dice and moving the princess along the game board, then stacking or removing the indicated bedding type (mattress, comforter, or pillow). In the cooperative game, everyone wins when the bed is complete—or loses when it falls. In the competitive, the first person to stack all of their bedding, wins! For two to four players, ages 3 to 12.
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