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Papa Goose

Michael Quetting
# UQ4332 Hardcover, 232 pages; 2018
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As part of an ambitious research project on migration patterns and meteorological predictions for the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany, scientist Michael Quetting spent a year of his life raising a gaggle of goslings. In this charming memoir, Quetting describes the extraordinary, often hilarious, experience of nurturing seven rambunctious geese from incubation to adulthood. As "Papa Goose," the newly divorced father of two humans lived in a camper with his avian brood, taking them for daily swims, honking at them with a bicycle horn, snuggling with them at naptime, keeping them safe from predators, and witnessing their various personalities develop. Eventually, Quetting, a pilot, taught Gloria, Nemo, and the rest of his crew to fly alongside his ultralight electric plane. This delightful tale of "one year, seven goslings, and the flight of my life" will make the hearts of animal lovers soar! (AG)
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