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The Perfect Nanny

Leila Slimani and translated by Sam Taylor
# UQ4102 Paperback, 228 pages; 2018
No Longer Available
In the opening chapter of this absorbing and quietly disturbing novel, readers learn that two children are dead. From there, the narrative goes back in time, describing a wealthy young couple's search for the perfect nanny in Paris. Louise seems to fit the bill: She's polite and demure, enamored with the children, stays late without complaint…she even cleans the apartment and cooks delicious meals. But as parents Paul and Myriam become closer with and more dependent on Louise, small fissures start to appear in the seemingly perfect relationship, and the mounting tension builds to a breaking point. Both an unputdownable psychological thriller and an intriguing exposé of class, power struggles, and the complexities of motherhood, this multi-award-winning French novel will provoke thoughtful discussion as it elicits chills!

This book is part of our Mysteries Book a Month 2019 package

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