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Our Spoons Came from Woolworths

Barbara Comyns
# UQ4042 Paperback, 196 pages; 2015 (1950)
Currently Unavailable
In pre-World War II London, Sophia and Charles decide to marry. With very little money (Sophia works in an art studio, Charles is an artist) and even less common sense, the young couple embarks upon a life that could be called dour…if it wasn't so shockingly entertaining! Their naiveté about the realities of life and marriage—particularly pregnancy and parenthood—are mind-boggling, their cluelessness rendering them utterly hapless. Sophia narrates this weird, wonderful novel chronicling their bohemian existence, her frank and heartbreaking account of her life as an impoverished woman and mother frequently catching readers off-guard with equal doses of humor and poignancy. Somehow, despite the misfortune that befalls her, Sophia manages a blissfully happy ending—and none too soon for readers torn between shaking sense into her and taking her safely under their wing.

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