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Dead Men Don't Ski

Patricia Moyes
# UQ3952 Paperback, 299 pages; 2018 (1960)
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Henry Tibbett and his wife, Emmy, are on holiday at the Bella Vista—a secluded ski resort perched on a mountain above the tiny Italian town of Santa Chiara and accessible only by chair lift. The trip isn't merely for pleasure, however. There are rumors that the Bella Vista is a hub for drug smuggling, and Henry, a British copper, is on assignment to sniff out whatever leads he can find. The other guests are a motley crew with their own secrets: English socialites with a storied past, a German family with an eligible daughter, a young baroness with her children and governess, a man rumored to be the Baroness's lover, and Herr Hauser, a stout businessman who seems to set all the other guests on edge. When a body turns up on the chair lift, Henry and Emmy must turn their sights to unmasking the killer before he—or she—can kill again. This vintage whodunit, originally published in 1960, is a maze of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the final reveal.

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