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curated by Rhonda Rubinstein and the California Academy of Sciences
# UQ3832 Hardcover, 144 pages; 2018
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From the minuscule (a tiny emperor shrimp hitches a ride between the gills of a sea slug) to the massive (hundreds of great egrets converge on a Hungarian lake); the forlorn (a rare black rhinoceros caked in white dust blends into a parched Namibian lake bed) to the playful (a sea lion pup offers a feather to the photographer taking his picture); the magical (glowing click beetle larvae decorate a termite mound like twinkle lights) to the magnificent (a single green tree stands alone in a swirling sand sea)…these eye-popping photographs capture "spectacular moments in nature photography." All winners of the BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition founded by the California Academy of Sciences, the more than one hundred images collected in this breathtaking album offer rare, sometimes startling glimpses of our natural world. Awesome! (KG)
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