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Being a Friend

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Be happy that your friends have other friends. Don't worry about being the only one your friend likes. Be happy that they have others too, and aren't lonely.

Teaching kids to tie their shoes or to sing their ABCs is easy; teaching them the nuances of friendship and the importance of good manners, however, can be tough! Reinforce your daily "real-life" lessons with these colorful, spiralbound guides for youngsters learning to navigate interpersonal relationships. Filled with practical advice about Being a Friend ("a conversation has more than one person talking"; "have an 'I don't do dares' policy"; "friends can be mean sometimes") and Being Polite ("if a door is closed, it is best to knock"; "write thank you notes"; "don't pick your nose in public"), each "how to" is geared toward kids ages 7 and up, but great for reading aloud with 3-to-6-year-olds. (KG)
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