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Britt Collins
# UQ2242 Paperback, 272 pages; 2018 (2017)
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After a lifetime of hardship, loss, and alcohol addiction, Mike King was living on the streets of Portland, Oregon, when he found an injured cat hiding under a picnic table. He fed her and treated her wounds as best he could, and when it came time to sleep, she crawled into his sleeping bag…and straight into his heart. Suddenly, for the first time in years, Mike had something to care about, someone depending on him for love and care. Together he and the cat he named Tabor roamed the streets of Portland, hitchhiked to California, "vacationed" on the beach, camped in Yosemite, outran a bear and a herd of stampeding cattle, visited friends in Montana…never knowing that Tabor's original owner, Ron, was frantically searching for his beloved pet. On the surface, Strays is the true story of two strangers and the cat they both loved; at its heart, it's a testament to the deep meaning pets can give our lives.
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