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Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

Brad Ricca
# UQ2072 Paperback, 440 pages; 2018 (2016)
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In a time when women were still forbidden to vote, Grace Humiston eschewed society life to become a lawyer, a detective, and eventually the first female U.S. district attorney. Known for her all-black attire and her keen investigative instincts, Humiston made a career defending the destitute and powerless. But it was a 1917 missing teenager case—one that the police had all but given up on—that would propel her to national acclaim. With a focus on this dogged and dangerous investigation that would expose police corruption, human trafficking, and a very dangerous man, Brad Ricca presents a riveting true story that reads like a crime novel! Readers won't soon forget about the remarkable, indomitable woman whom the press dubbed "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes." (AG)
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