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Who Are You?

by Salvatore V. Didato and Thomas J. Craughwell
# UQ1562 Paperback, 408 pages; 2018 (2012)
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Claiming to be "more comprehensive than the Internet and cheaper than therapy," this playful collection of quizzes promises to assess your IQ, personality, and emotional intelligence in a jiffy. Brainiacs will particularly enjoy the 50 shape analogies, word problems, vocabulary tests, number series challenges, and myriad other IQ indicators. Introspective souls will delight (and chuckle) through the 40 quick personality tests that determine if you are a people person or a wallflower, if you'd make a good con artist, how imaginative you are, and so much more. The 50 Emotional Intelligence quizzes answer burning questions of identity, including "Are you happy?," "Are you a cynic or an optimist?," "Is your birth order having an impact on your life?," and so on. What a silly-but-fun way to get to know yourself a little better! (CH)
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