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The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents)

Gina Misiroglu
# UQ0702 Paperback, 292 pages; 2010
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Why does Earth look blue from outer space? Would it hurt if a plant-eating dinosaur bit you? What is dust, exactly? Where do babies come from? Who decides what is right and wrong?

Children are insatiably curious, a fact all too familiar to any adult who has ever been on the receiving end of a kid's barrage of questions. Arm yourself with the answers to nearly 800 common queries with The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents), packed with information about outer space, animals, plants, government, world cultures, the human body, how stuff works, and more. The convenient question-answer format makes this erudite reference guide fun to read for older kids, and adults may also enjoy, er, refreshing their memory on some of the salient points of the world in which we live. (KG)
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