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A Fierce Radiance

Lauren Belfer
# UQ0582 Paperback, 532 pages; 2011 (2010)
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Just days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Life magazine photographer Claire Shipley is given an unusual assignment: Document a medical trial for a promising new miracle drug called "penicillin." Headed by Dr. Jamie Stanton, the trial holds enormous promise for public health—and could be a game changer for Allied forces ravaged by battlefield infections. As the United States plunges into war, Claire and Jamie begin a relationship that will be tested by the demands of career and duty after both are tapped to play roles in the race to perfect and manufacture penicillin for the troops. But that life-saving work becomes increasingly dangerous when a key penicillin researcher is murdered and the pharmaceutical companies drafted into service by the government embark upon their own cutthroat money-making schemes. Set against the dynamic backdrop of wartime New York, A Fierce Radiance blends romance, history, and scientific innovation into a compelling historical novel. (KG)
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