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Fierce Kingdom

# UQ0572 Paperback, 288 pages; 2018
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A story that could be torn from the headlines of today's newspaper, Fierce Kingdom tells a tale of terror and asks the eternal question: What and whom will we sacrifice to save our child? A lovely day trip to the zoo will have lasting repercussions when a young mother and her precious young son encounter armed gunmen as they attempt to leave. How well do we know ourselves? How will we react when the thin veneer of civilized behavior is removed and we must use all of our wits and strength to stay alive? The attempt to evade the gunmen will bring the young woman to the edge of her endurance, and the effort to keep her child quiet and unafraid will mean that she must make some hard choices when she confronts others fleeing.
A Reader Review by Connie Manning of Saginaw, Michigan
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