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Educated: A Memoir

Tara Westover
# UQ0502 Hardcover, 334 pages; 2018
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The youngest of seven children born to fundamentalist Christian survivalists, Tara Westover doesn't know her exact birthday. Growing up on the edge of her father's sprawling scrapyard in the mountains of Idaho, she had no birth certificate, never saw a doctor, and never attended school until she stepped onto the campus of Brigham Young University at the age of seventeen. And yet she would go on to study at Trinity College, Cambridge and Harvard University, earning a master's degree and a PhD before the age of thirty. This astonishing memoir documents Westover's unorthodox upbringing, the dysfunction of her loving yet flawed family, and her years-long struggle to reconcile tribal loyalty with her own well-being and hunger for knowledge. I read Educated in tandem with a friend, sparking several intense and reflective conversations. Book clubs, don't miss this one! (KG)
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