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The Dogs of Camelot

by Margaret Reed and Joan Lownds
# UQ0492 Hardcover, 150 pages; 2018
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Despite his allergies, John F. Kennedy harbored a lifelong love for dogs. In fact, upon his untimely death, he'd amassed a pack of nine of them! This charming and unusual biography of the Kennedys and their canine companions offers a warm and endearing portrait of the president and his family. From Clipper, the German shepherd who was devoted to the first lady (when White House reporter Helen Thomas once asked Mrs. Kennedy what Clipper liked to eat, she cheekily replied "Reporters"); to the white and fluffy Pushinka—offspring of the Russian space-traveling pup, Strelka—who was gifted to the Kennedys by Khrushchev during the height of the Cold War…fascinating anecdotes about the fourlegged residents of the Kennedy White House (including cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and more) and their doting owners are paired with loads of delightful (often candid) black-and-white photos of John, Jackie, and the children frolicking with their menagerie. It's a true treat for animal and history lovers alike! (KG)
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