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Heart Rending Heart Mending: Saved by Medical Science; Healed by Ancient Wisdom

by Marylou Kelly Streznewski
# UP9982 Paperback, 184 pages; 2015
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I have a tale to tell; one which may be of help if you or a loved one should have to make this same journey, and wish for a safe return.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for one in every four female deaths. As a survivor of this lethal condition—and of the traumatic experience of open heart surgery—Marylou Streznewski wrote this insightful memoir to help all of us be alert to the symptoms that often go unheeded or misdiagnosed; and to guide those of us who must face similar journeys from dire illness to, hopefully, optimal health. Streznewski credits conventional medicine for saving her life...and extols the necessity of integrative medicine—meditation, support groups, dietary supplements, massage, qi gong, and more—for fully healing body, mind, and spirit. As patients in the modern technological medical culture, we must drive our own recovery, whatever health challenges we may confront. Heart Rending Heart Mending is the life-and-death epitome of a must-read. (CH)
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