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Tangerine (Large Print)

Christine Mangan
# UP8792 Paperback, 416 pages; 2018
Currently Unavailable
When Lucy unexpectedly shows up on Alice's doorstep, it's the first time the women have spoken in more than a year. After an impulsive marriage to a man she hardly knows, Alice is struggling to adjust to her new life in bustling 1950s Tangier, Morocco. She should be thrilled to see her former roommate…right? After all, despite their differences—one an independent-minded American scholarship student, the other a reserved, orphaned English heiress—Lucy and Alice were best friends in college. So why has Alice's new husband never heard of Lucy? Why is Lucy the only one able to coax Alice out of her apartment? What does Lucy know about Alice's husband that Alice doesn't? And what exactly happened on that terrible night when last they saw each other? Narrated in alternating chapters by the two women, Tangerine is permeated with sinister unease, a slow-burning novel that follows Lucy and Alice through their tense reunion in a city on the brink of revolution to a devastating conclusion that will change their lives forever. (KG)
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