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Princess Margaret: A Life of Contrasts

Christopher Warwick
# UP8462 Hardcover, 344 pages; 2018
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Some may consider her a "mere" princess eclipsed by a queen, but during her lifetime Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's beloved only sibling, was a newsmaker in her own right. Described by family and friends as a "vital and free spirit," "an enigma," and "witty, wicked and wonderful," the beautiful princess was glamorous, fun-loving, and considerably more daring than her dutiful big sister. She chafed at the constraints of her position, even as she reveled in the privileges and protections it afforded her, and her tumultuous love life provided ample fodder for the newspapers. Though penned by her authorized biographer, this portrait of the princess doesn't shy away from the private dramas of a complex woman who helped to modernize the British monarchy. (KG)
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