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No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters

Ursula K. Le Guin
# UP8322 Hardcover, 214 pages; 2017
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Meaning in art isn't the same as meaning in science. The meaning of the second law of thermodynamics, so long as the words are understood, isn't changed by who reads it, or when, or where. The meaning of Huckleberry Finn is.

Long before her death at the age of eighty-eight earlier this year, novelist Ursula K. Le Guin was heralded for the artistry and imagination of her speculative fiction. But it is this collection of insightful, often humorous essays—penned in the last decade of her life—that offers a warm, intimate portrait of the beloved American writer "at home." With distinction and wit, she ruminates on everything from aging and swear words to feminism and the Great American Novel to fan mail from kids and the exploits of her troublemaking cat, Pard. One needn't be familiar with her fiction to enjoy this delightful foray into Le Guin's sharp, inquisitive mind, but don't be surprised if you find yourself rushing to the library to spend more time with this remarkable writer! (KG)
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