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Being a Big Brother

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Hang out with them. Don't be bored. Find fun things to do, and include your little brother or sister. Play catch. Watch a movie. Build a fort. It's almost always more fun to do these things with someone else.

For parents and grandparents, news of an addition to the family is cause for celebration. But for first-born kids used to being the star—or for a child used to being the baby—a little brother or sister may not be so welcome. Now grown-ups can ease apprehensive young minds with these colorful, spiral-bound "how to" guides for older siblings. Filled with practical advice for getting along and being kind ("don't be jealous," "help them with things that are new to them," "have 'inside jokes' that just the two of you laugh at," "be nice to their friends"), Being a Big Brother and Being a Big Sister offer timeless tips for building a lifelong bond between siblings. For ages 7 and up, but great for reading aloud with 3-to-6-year-olds. (KG)
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