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Beach Daisy Three-Wick Brick

# UP7242
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The herbal bouquet of beachgrass; the salty tang of the waves; the sweet smell of sunscreen…our beautiful Beach Daisy collection brings lazy seaside days right into your home. Our gorgeous Beach Daisy Three-Wick Brick features subtle citrus, vanilla, and floral fragrances with just a hint of salt, conjuring images of sun, sand, and surf. The hefty 9½"x3½"x4" candle is filled with delicate daisies, seashells, and grasses, which are illuminated beautifully from behind as the candle burns down the center. Pair it with our stunning Beach Daisy Candle Tray (made of hammered rose gold metal) for a wonderful display. And for the scent without the flame, our impressively grand Beach Daisy Botanical Diffuser features a lovely 13-ounce bottle and ten reeds, accented with daisies and seashells suspended in the high-quality fragrance oil. Candle features 160 hours of burn time; diffuser fragrance lasts 9 to 12 months.
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