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Royal Weddings: A Very Peculiar History

Fiona Macdonald
# UP6442 Hardcover, 247 pages; 2018
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When his son and heir secretly married a bathhouse maid in 1432, Duke Ernst of Bavaria-Munich had the girl kidnapped, tried, and executed for witchcraft. The Hapsburgs of Austria were so skilled at arranging advantageous marriages that poems were written about it: "Let others make war; you, fortunate Austria, marry." In 1371, Prince John of Gaunt traveled to Spain to marry Queen Constance of Castile…bringing his mistress and their children along with him. Before marrying Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara, rugby player Mike Tyndall refused to have his crooked nose reset so that it would look better in photographs. Royal watchers and history buffs, brush up on your royal matrimonial history when you delve into these fascinating (and occasionally scandalous) anecdotes! (KG)
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