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Uncle Paul

Celia Fremlin
# UP6362 Paperback, 191 pages; 2017 (1959)
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Meg and her sister Isabel were just girls when "Uncle Paul"—handsome new husband of their older half-sister, Mildred—was arrested upon Mildred's discovery of his villainous past. Fifteen years later, the three sisters converge upon a seaside resort town, the younger two attempting to assuage the anxieties of dramatic Mildred, who is convinced that Paul, likely out of prison by now, will be searching her out and seeking revenge. But before long Isabel and even level-headed Meg become gripped by a looming terror, suspicious of everyone around them, including Isabel's taciturn new husband and Meg's gregarious suitor. First published in 1959, this vintage thriller is filled with charming wit and humor, even as the gripping psychological suspense builds toward a startling conclusion. (AG)
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