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A Woman on the Edge of Time: A Son's Search for a Mother Who Wanted More

Jeremy Gavron
# UP6222 Paperback, 255 pages; 2016
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Journalist Jeremy Gavron was four years old when his mother, Hannah Gavron, gassed herself to death in 1965, two years after Syliva Plath had done the same only one street over. By the time he was a grown man, he had no memories of her that were his own. Forty years after her death, he finally decided to set to work discovering who this woman had been, and what had led her to that fateful morning in a London flat. Determined to paint a complete—and realistic—picture, Jeremy delved for every detail, unwilling to accept accounts that only portrayed his mother as innocent and happy. From her "affair" with the headmaster of her school at the age of fifteen, to her struggles to find her place as a wife, mother, and professional, A Woman on the Edge of Time tells the story of so many women who strove to succeed in a man's world. (SM)
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